Make Space History

The First Private Asteroid Mission

We are building a global space community to find and fund space missions together.

Our first project is to crowdfund the world’s first private mission to an asteroid together with the Beyond Atlas team.

The world’s first private asteroid mission. Let’s make history.

Earth has a second moon, a mini-moon. It’s an asteroid and we will go there and check it out.

Beyond Atlas

Founded in 2017 by Per-Erik Atterwall with the goal of exploring space with a spacecraft so cheap and reliable that we can afford to do it, not only the strongest space organisations on Earth. We believe – as many others – that mankind needs to, wants to, go beyond Earth, go beyond Atlas. Exploration is in our blood. We have hit the shoreline of space, and we – and others – are trying to find the ships to take us to sea again, out on the vast ocean of space.


The design of the main spacecraft is done. We have launch contracts. Both missions are about 50 percent funded. If you help us crowdfund the rest then all systems are go for launch.

  • Total cost of both missions: $3 million.
  • First mission: $1 million
  • Second mission: $2 million.
  • Already funded: $1,5 million.
  • Crowdfund: $1,5 million.

The mission: Earth’s mini Moon.

Earth has a second Moon, a mini-Moon. It’s really an asteroid, called 2016HO3, in orbit around the Sun, but also around Earth. Beyond Atlas will build a spacecraft to explore it. And we hope to give it a better name.


Mission 1

A small spacecraft to test and verify propulsion, navigation, communication and also get really close and photograph space debris. Launch Q4 2019.


Mission 2

A larger spacecraft launched into orbit and use an ion thruster to escape Earth’s gravity, and fly to our target. Perhaps we will swing by the real Moon on the way if timing allows it.


Warp Institute

Warp is a Swedish foundation with the goal to make the future come sooner and is building a global community to make that happen. Co-founder and executive chairman is Mathias Sundin, a former Member of Parliament.


We are building a global space community to decide and fund space missions together. A space program by and for the people. Our first joint task will be to crowdfund the first two missions of Beyond Atlas.

To do this we need you. You’ll get a unique insight into the missions, you will be part of space history and you’ll help humanity become multiplanetary.

Together we can make space history.