Follow the progress. If nothing else is stated, updates are written by Mathias Sundin, co-founder and executive chairman of Warp Institute.

Warp Space Conference?

We have decided to do a space event, a space conference. Invite SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, Made in Space and other cool ...

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Beyond Atlas in International Cubesat Contest

During the summer Per-Erik Atterwall signed up Beyond Atlas in the International Cubesat and Mission Contest and became one of twel...

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Volunteers hard at work

When we told the people from the Facebook group what this project was, we also gave them the opportunity to become volunteers. A nu...

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Didn’t expect such interest!

When we ask people to sign up for something in our Facebook group for Warp Institute, usually five, ten or maybe twenty people do....

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As seen on TV

EFN is a local Swedish business network and they are doing a short documentary on new space. Per-Erik is not found of doing media, ...

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The kids are alright – and onboard!

During the weekend I visited the Swedish Astronomical Youth Association. About 70 youngsters spent two days outside of Uppsala, lea...

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Let’s start with websites and a video.

Thanks to Mikkel Gerdes, the project of doing two new websites and a video turned out to much easier than I thought. Mikkel runs Read More

Warp Space Program

The more I thought about this space community, the more excited I got. After a discussion with my Warp-colleague, Magnus Aschan, I ...

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 But aren’t we too small to do this?

The goal of the foundation I co-founded, Warp Institute, is to make the future come sooner. We don't want to wait unnecessarily fo...

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“Don’t you think this could be crowdfunded?”

"Don't you think this could be crowdfunded?" That was the question I asked Per-Erik Atterwall, founder of Beyond Atlas, back in Jun...

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