Beyond Atlas in International Cubesat Contest

During the summer Per-Erik Atterwall signed up Beyond Atlas in the International Cubesat and Mission Contest and became one of twelve finalists. Here are his words from the final event:

 12 finalists, 15 minutes to present and then 5 for questions. They already have all the documentation we sent in during the summer. Now I feel stupid that I did not put more effort into the summer papers already submitted. 10 judges from all over the world.I drew the 11th presentation slot. I will present at the end of the day. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Presentation, so nervous, I am never nervous, but that rule does not count now. I want to win for us.

After my presentation, we have dinner with Dr. Yu and Madam Yu from CNSA. Peter and I (mostly Peter) introduce lots of Swedish snaps songs which work perfectly with the Chinese schnapps.
In the middle of dinner, Dr. Yu gets the result from the competition. WE WON!!

It feels incredible. The recognition from the international CubeSat community. The competition of so many great competing missions. And we won.

First prize is a free launch to LEO and a pile of money. The team is just laughing. If this competition were in Europe, they said, the first price would be a T-shirt.