Making the human future in space come sooner


Warp Space Summit

Our vision is humans living in space.

We want to be part of creating that future.

This Summit will show how we’ll get there – and how you can be part of it.

But how do we become a spacefaring civilization? How do we colonize the solar system?

For that we need people from all parts of society. Engineers of course, and also lots of entrepreneurs to create all the business to sustain a space economy.

But that is not enough, we also need social scientists to organize society, artists and writers for inspiration and entertainment, programmers, scientists from all disciplines, teachers, lawyers, politicians and many more.

At this Summit we will seek to understand what needs to be done to take the next giant leap, and show how you – whoever you are – can be part of that.

The Warp Space Summit will be the Solar System’s premier space event making our future in space come sooner.

Because of the coronavirus the Summit has been postponed until 2021.

Astronaut exploring an alien planet. Green plant growing


Below you’ll find the different sections we will cover at the Summit.

The whole program will give you a good idea of what is needed to take the next giant leap for humanity in space.

And what role you can play in this.

Speakers to each section will be announced later.

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Warp Space background

Warp Space Program - a global space community

We are building a global space community to find and fund space missions together.

Space used to be only for nations and billionaires, but now it’s open for everyone.

Thousands of people together become very powerful and can be a strong force in making the human future in space come sooner.

Fast Camera Zoom To The Planet Earth. Satellites Flying Around Orbiting Planet Earth. Technology Related Scene. 4K CG Animation Of Dramatic Scene. Earth Images From NASA. 3D Illustration Render

Beyond Atlas will make space history

The first project we at Warp Space Program support is Beyond Atlas.

The world’s first private mission to an asteroid.

And the first space mission you can really be part of.

At the time of the Summit the Beyond Atlas team will have their first spacecraft in orbit around Earth.

We will show unique pictures taken from it and interview the founder and his team.

ESA Moon Village

Back to the Moon - to stay

In 1972 astronaut Gene Cernan became the last man on the Moon. Since then, no human being has returned.

But that is about to change.

NASA with the Artemis program is aiming to get back in 2024. Blue Origin has Blue Moon. ESA the Moon Village. Israeli SpaceIL, Moon Express and many more.

What is needed to get back to the Moon, and stay there?


A green and purple neon light sign that reads: Colonize MARS

A self-sustaining city on Mars

Elon Musk and his SpaceX want to build a self-sustaining human presence on Mars.

When that happens, that will be the largest leap in human history.

We have then gone from a single planet species to a multiplanetary species.

The best thing is that it could happen in our lifetime, and we can be part of it.

We will show what we need to do to take this giant leap, and how can you be part of it.

O'Neill cylinder

O'Neill colonies - when and how?

When becoming a spacefaring civilization, we don’t need to live only on other planets.

Professor Gerard O’Neill actually though life on a space station would be better.

That idea was brought back to fame when Jeff Bezos recently showed us his and Blue Origin’s vision.

But of course, players of Mass Effect have seen them before, known as the Citadel.

How will an O’Neill colony work and how soon can we make them?

Communication technology for internet business. Global world network and telecommunication on earth cryptocurrency and blockchain and IoT. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Space is the next business frontier

The commercial space market will be worth trillions of dollars.

We will show new companies and individuals the huge opportunities, and how they can be part of the space sector.

This opportunity is similar to the Internet in the early 90s. Only bigger.

Missile launch, satellite view with planet Earth and galaxy stars. The elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Investing in space

Space opens up a whole new investment opportunity.

The early players will reap the biggest returns.

Understand the opportunity, get to know the players and learn what investment opportunities the space business brings.

$22.3 billion has been invested in 476 unique space companies since 2009.

664 venture funds have invested in space since 2009.

But that is just the beginning.

High targets

Private spaceflight is here

In 2020, private citizens will get the chance to become astronauts.

We will show you how the future of private spaceflight can make your dream can come true, and rocket you into space.

Global network and satellite data exchange 3D rendering elements

The satellite business is booming

“There’s a satellite for that”, will be the new “there’s an app for that.”

More satellites will launch in the next few years than in all of human space history.

We will show you the opportunities this will bring to your current or future business.

Large and small.

Asteroid mining megastructure

Asteroid mining is vital for colonizing space

To be able to build things in space, we need to find the resources in space. And they are out there, on the asteroids.

Warp Space Program’s partner Beyond Atlas will launch the first private mission to an asteroid, and dramatically lower the costs of exploring asteroids and space in general.

Surviving Mars First Colony

Not just rockets, science fiction also

Space is not only building rockets and satellites, it’s also video games, science fiction books, movies, music and much more.

We will bring you the computer game makers, science fiction authors, actors and movie producers.

Andreas Norlén

Opening ceremony

We are honored to have the Speaker of the Swedish Parliament, Andreas Norlén, officially open the Warp Space Summit.

Other attendees

– Swedish Minister of Space, Matilda Ernkrans

– Astronaut Christer Fuglesang

– Director-General of the Swedish National Space Agency, Anna Rathsmann.


Invite-only on Friday, August 28

On the Friday before the Summit we will invite politicians, young space enthusiasts and businesses to discuss space policy for old and young, and specific business opportunities in space.

Sankt Kors, our main partner, will also show their exciting project Cavok.


Audience of 1200 people

We will host the Warp Space Summit at the Crusell Hall in Linkoping, outside of Stockholm, Sweden.

Large and imposing with great acoustics and character, the Crusell Hall have room for an audience of 1200 people.


Date and time

September 19, 2021.