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Help Make Humanity's Future in Space Come Sooner

As a member, you will help humanity’s future in space come sooner, and increase your own opportunity to impact that future.

Our goal is a future where millions of people live in space. For that to happen, we need to mine asteroids for resources.

To find these resources, we need to explore them. So the first step is to dramatically lower the cost of exploring space.

The power of many people giving a small amount each month is extremely strong. It gives us resources to accelerate our human future in space.



The citizens of the solar system

Not just Earthlings.

Three Reasons To Join

Get a inside look into the world's first private asteroid mission and follow the progress from Earth to space.

  • Online meetups and seminars.
  • Offline events.
  • Selected seats at events and Summits.
  • 25% discount to the Warp Space Summit in 2020.

Cool swag.

  • Digital ticket for the flight to asteroid 2016HO3.
  • Digital badge to share in social media.
  • Free Warp Space Program t-shirt, exclusive for members. (Only for yearly sign-ups)
  • Add membership to Linkedin profile.
  • Add membership to Facebook profile.
  • Access to members only merchandise.

Support our future in space and the first private asteroid mission.

  • 90 percent of your money will go to Beyond Atlas to support their mission.
  • Pictures taken from space from the Beyond Atlas spacecraft.
  • Members only monthly email.
  • Unique pictures of the 2016HO3 asteroid.

Become a Solarian - a citizen of the solar system

Solarian citizenship.

There is no name for people who wants humanity to spread across the solar system. Until now.

Digital passport as a Solarian.

Can be used on Mars, the Moon and other celestial bodies.

A digital badge.

Explaining what a Solarian is.

Do you want to help change the solar system?

  • Get 12 months, pay for 10.
  • Exclusive t-shirt for free

What we plan to do within two years:

  • Raise $3 million to Beyond Atlas.
  • Launch mission Meeting the Scrap.
  • Launch first private asteroid mission, Meeting the Asteorid.
  • Reach 10 000 monthly members.
  • Grow free newsletters to 20,000+ subscribers.

What Warp Space Program and Beyond Atlas have done in the past two year:

  • Raised $1,6 million.
  • Won first prize in the International Cubesat Contest.
  • Started construction of the first spacecraft.
  • Secured contract for June 2020 launch.
  • Signed top advisors and endorsments.