A global space community



We are building a global space community to find and fund space missions.

Together we will decide on what space missions to support.

Our first project is to support Beyond Atlas. A very cool space initiative, with the goal of sending the first private spacecraft to an asteroid.

The long term vision of Warp Space Program is to help humanity become multiplanetary.

We are part of the Warp Institute, a foundation with the goal of making the future come sooner. Warp Space Program wants to make humans in space come sooner.

Together we can make history.

Find and fund together

Space programs aren’t just for nations anymore. People can have their own space program. Thanks to the internet, it’s now possible to organize global communities where you make decisions together. And when we decide on a space mission, we can also fund it together.


The greatest ideas and coolest projects

If you bring several hundred thousand people, or millions of people together, with a common goal of making life multiplanetary, great ideas and cool projects will be born. People will meet online and offline, form teams, companies and projects. Warp Space Program will channel those ideas and together we can make the best and most important ones come to life.