We are Solarians.
Members of this Solar System.



We are a global community of space enthusiasts working to make humanity’s future in space come sooner.

Right now we are supporting Beyond Atlas, the world’s first private mission to an asteroid, with the goal of lowering the cost of space exploration.

After Beyond Atlas we will support other space projects, and as a member you will decide which ones.

We are part of the Warp Institute, a foundation with the goal of making the future come sooner.

Together we can make history.


Space programs aren’t just for nations anymore. People can have their own space program.

For $10 a month or $100 a year you will become a member of the Warp Space Program.

The membership will launch soon, sign up for our free email newsletter and you’ll get an offer of membership as soon as we launch.



What do you call a citizen of this solar system? If you live in the United States you are American, but you are also a citizen of Earth, or an Earthling.

But what about people who identify as more than just Earthlings, what should we call them?

Solarians are our name for us who identifies not just as citizens of Earth, but of this Solar System.

Sol is the Latin name for our Sun.

We use this name because we want humanity to become a spacefaring civilization, and we then need to identify not just with Earth, but also the Solar System.

High targets

Membership benefits

Make decisions about what space projects to support.
Make decisions during space projects.
25% discount to Warp Space Summit, held in Sweden, August 2020.
Special seats at WSP events.
Access to WSP member-only merchandise.
Digital badge to share in social media.
Digital ticket for the flight to asteroid 2016HO3.
Digital passport as a Solarian.
Add to Linkedin account.
Monthly email.
Support Beyond Atlas, the first private asteroid mission.
Pictures from space taken with the Beyond Atlas spacecraft (Earth, space debris, asteroid, and more).
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